Is a Grassroot level Free Software movement possible in India ?

<Not to be read > — Will formulate my questions and then slowly start to answer them from my perspective
What is intellecutal movement ?

What is Grass root level movement ?

Is Free software merely a technical superiority ?

What is the need for a “movement” within a technical “community” or “communities”


Is it unnecessary or unviable to bring a social angle to the technology ?

Is the idea of “Free Knowledge” and “Free Culture” viable in a  feudal Khap-Panchayat  era ?

Is the number of events a parameter to measure success or no of people brought into the organisation / community  a parameter of success or is it a immeasurale factor which is a mix of both  ?

Is code contribution the only kind of contribution ? Why are there less code contributors in India and more “evangalists”?



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