Post the Chennai Floods of 2015 and the relief works of which I have been part of ,  I have developed special interest in Crisis mapping and mapping in general  . However big/small a technology is , it has its role to be played in the betterment of mankind .Post the floods , the understanding has deepened for me . Have joined in Open Street map , HOT mailing list – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team of OSM and also crisis mappers . Not sure how much time can be allocated for it .

Update as on 3rd February , 2016

After my request to join the googlegroup of CrisisMappers , I decided to play around the various educational resources which they have presented .

1)Jen Ziemke’s Presentation is interesting .It has lots of information on where all one needs to be connected , the power of crowd sourcing etc.

The standbytaskforce expects one to a skype id 😦 . So installing it say after 5-6 years

2)The missingmaps has interesting tutorials

3)Where to start and see open tasks ?

Open Street map Tasking manager











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