Communities to Donate cash for

I am not that much big a person to donate money  to big communities . But , I would like to donate for communities which are in need and even a contribution of Rs.500 or 1000 would give me happiness 1)Rise up .  


Flashing TP-LinkTL-WR740N with OpenWRT

Find out your Tp-Link wireless router Model . 2)Mine / FSFTN office's is TL-WR740 Ver:4.28 3)Find out the appropriate OpenWRT version by referring to the wiki Here in my case it Barrier Braker rc3 4)Obtain the required firmware from 5)Just in case the the normal site is not available use the mirror reading Flashing TP-LinkTL-WR740N with OpenWRT

Experiments as a Assistant Professor

1)My student Kasthuri is working on Zero Net 2)Two of my students are planning to work on Computer Networks and related protocols 3)General overview of my CSE-III B class's technical works 4)Manoj is working on Male-Female USB stick 5)Kalvikkarasi and her friend are working on Low cost internet for developing countries