Speech and hands on in IoT workshop @ RCC in CEG

The presentation on Internet of Things -  IOT Date : 4 March 2016 Place : Ramanujam Computing Centre , College of Engineering , Guindy Represented : FSFTN Also present : Yogesh  


Experiments as a Assistant Professor

1)My student Kasthuri is working on Zero Net https://kasthurinallathambi.wordpress.com/ 2)Two of my students are planning to work on Computer Networks and related protocols https://techbeezz.wordpress.com/ 3)General overview of my CSE-III B class's technical works https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1StULIP5fb9ji9cVId2fXSA4o3tJmfWulxU3xmgGUuy8/edit#gid=0 4)Manoj is working on Male-Female USB stick 5)Kalvikkarasi and her friend are working on Low cost internet for developing countries

How do various movements / communities / Organisations communicate

I have always had this Billion $ or Billion ₹  question , how do movements / organisations / Communities communicate , plan , discuss and execute stuffs and how do they involve in organisation building . So these are my doubts How do you do it among a small yet committed group ? Which has … Continue reading How do various movements / communities / Organisations communicate

People’s mesh protocol implementations

Babel — a loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol B.A.T.M.A.N. (better approach to mobile ad-hoc networking) is a routing protocol for multi-hop ad-hoc mesh networks. BMX6 Mesh networking protocol Olsr Daemon OpenWrt -  a highly extensible GNU/Linux distribution for embedded devices (typically wireless routers). open80211s   Concepts for people's Internet : unhosted web apps  - freedom from … Continue reading People’s mesh protocol implementations